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Introductory Massage Offer

If you have ever had a massage you will be aware that it loosens up your muscles and gives you a great feeling of well-being but have you ever wondered why it is so good??

Massage stretches tissues releasing tension and improves your tissue elasticity.

Pain Reduction
Increased tension within the tissues can cause pain. Massage can help to reduce this in a number of ways and can encourage the release of endorphins, the bodies own feel-good hormone!

Muscles relax after massage because of the heat generated by the massage and by the improved circulation and stretching achieved by the massage.

Stress reduction
When stress builds up relaxation becomes more difficult and tension builds up in the muscles which can cause aching, feelings of tiredness and listlessness. Massage can break into this cycle and cause a relaxation response.

Improved Circulation
By improving the circulation massage helps to remove the waste products from your tissues and helps the muscles take up oxygen and other nutrients to help them recover more rapidly.

At the Swift Physiotherapy Centre in Rotherham our highly experienced massage therapist Kerry is now offering a discounted rate for massage. The introductory offer is for the first two massages at just £22 each.  Kerry who is trained in Thai massage and Swedish Massage is now working with our physios in Rotherham at the Swift Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre to help improve our clients well being.

If you would like to benefit from a massage, Pilates or Physio in Rotherham please contact us on 01709 837672 to book an appointment.

Alternatively you can email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a massage

To find out more about Kerry our massage therapist in Rotherham, Pilates in Rotherham or other treatments available at our physiotherapy clinic in Rotherham please click on the our services link on the main website.


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